Today the weather is not looking at all promising. Rain by the afternoon in fact. Decided to make the most of the morning (or what was left of it after our cooked breakfast) and headed off for Brancaster Staithe. It is looked after by the National Trust and their book showed a gaily painted trawler pulled up on the shingle. Now, you know that I can’t resist a gaily painted trawler!

It may not have been actually raining but there was quite a lot of lowish cloud by the time we got there but, nevertheless, there was a bustling scene all around the staithe. Mostly small boats, either rowing or with an outboard engine but not a lot of trawlers… In fact, one did hove into view but disappeared up a little estuary so we didn’t get a good look at it.

Peter had spotted a little wooden hut near the entrance and thought he’d take a stroll up to it to find out while I was writing the blog. He came back triumphant with a couple of portions of cockles so we cooked a baguette (the part baked variety!) in the oven and we had a lovely lunch of warm crispy slices with our vinegar soaked cockles. The second lot this holiday! Scrummy.

We hadn’t been there long when the rain came down in earnest. We did walk around to the estuary to see where the fishing boat had landed up but there wasn’t much to see and the wind was trying to whip our anorak hoods off so we decided to call it a day and head back to the campsite, calling in at one of the local farm shops for provisions (eggs and strawberries mostly). The weather did abate for a while but it wasn’t long before it started to rain again and, as I write, is still falling.

It did mean that I could thrash Peter at Canasta (for once) however – a game we haven’t played for many years but which could easily become a habit. Good game…