After yesterday’s exhausting, if profoundly interesting, wallk around Nayland we decided to take it easy today.  The temperature was in the high 20s and possibly as hot as 30C.

NB. Apparently Suffolk was the hottest county today with temperatures of  over 32C!

So, out came Bessie’s awning and breakfast was served en plein air.  Peter read his book and I caught up with the blog from yesterday.

At first there was a light breeze which helped to mitigate the heat but gradually that disappeared, leaving us disinclined to move from our chairs.  It is such a humid heat.  Never mind, after all the dreadful weather we have experienced this year, we really shouldn’t moan.

No sign of Fidgit the cat today – perhaps it was even too hot for him.  Giant dragonflies danced around us but never settled, making it impossible to photograph them though this little butterfly paused long enough for a photo opportunity.  Is this a Woodland Grayling?

Peter’s eye was suddenly taken by a rather large bird on the grass about 20 feet away.  Before he could take a photograph it had flown away but the long beak and the greenish back with yellow rump seems to indicate that it was a Green Woodpecker. Apparently, they are predominantly ground feeders with a special liking for ants, so we have no doubt that this was what it was.  He did return but again not long enough for a photograph unfortunately.

This rather jolly looking Mistle Thrush tried to make up for him, posing with something scrumptious he had just found on the grass.  Mistle Thrushes are not as common as our usual Song Thrush and are quite a lot larger and sleeker.

When I walked amongst the trees later in the afternoon my eye was taken by a sudden movement – it was another (or the same) hare.  I waited very quietly but it was surprisingly difficult to find him in the viewfinder of the camera – he was so well camouflaged against the woodland floor.  He stayed perfectly still until I moved forward and then he was away, his legs looking so much longer than those of a rabbit.  Quite a large animal.

It’s nearly half past six and it’s still so humid.  I would like to go for a walk but may have to wait a bit longer…

We did wait a bit but then decided to take a turn around the corn fields behind the campsite.  The sun was still bright although it was gone 7pm.  What a vista.

Poppies always look so wonderful in real life and it’s so tempting to photograph them, but sadly they always look rather washed out in the photo.