So says the BBC and I’m sure they’ll be proved right.  There is a slight breeze this morning but the batteries in the fan are being recharged at the rate of knots this trip.  On checking the Met Office website I see, thankfully, that today will see the last of the extreme heat and humidity for a while at least. It seems sacrilegious to be pleased about this news after all the miserable weather the UK has been beset with this year so far, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we could just have something in between the two extremes?

So it looks like another day to be spent under Bessie’s blessed canopy here at Little Sage Hill and, quite honestly, there’s something to be said for that.  It forces us to just sit and relax and hope the wildlife comes to us.

Fidgit the cat turned up as Peter was cooking breakfast – what gives you the impression this was what prompted his sudden appearance?

Umm… bacon!

Looks good doesn’t it?

It clouded over in the early part of the afternoon and we even felt a couple of spots of rain.  It was lovely.  But the steamy heat continued and the sun came back out.  We went for a stroll along the edge of the corn field, past the hens, geese and turkeys of our hosts’s small-holding.  They all looked relaxed and happy wandering about to their hearts content.  We spotted a Small Tortoiseshell on the corn which had still to be harvested.

Very attractive although not as spectacular as this Peacock Butterfly who inhabits the area around the washing up/toilet facility!

Is there a more magnificent butterfly than this?

Meanwhile, along the corn field, we saw the combine harvester in the distance cutting some of the remaining crop – it almost feels like the prairies of North America here.

We were amazed to see two deer, startled by the combine, running across the field and pausing for a minute…

… before running off again.

It’s been so incredibly peaceful here, just us, the wild birds and animals and the myriad of wild flowers in the hedgerows: