Leaving our lovely Hideaway campsite today.  Sad in a way but looking forward to meeting up with Sally, Sean and the boys.

Had a chat with Anne and Ben before leaving.  Apparently they have another couple coming today – funny the way it’s worked out, with campers in succession rather than at the same time.  Still, great to have the place to ourselves.  I’m sure we’ll be back.

It took quite some time to reach RSPB Minsmere, where we were due to meet up with the Ozzies.  Bessie took us through some very narrow lanes where she only just fitted, brushing past the hedgerows either side as she went.  Luckily, we didn’t meet anyone coming the other way or it might have meant a lot of reversing!  We did come across the sweet guinea fowl pictured above, out for a stroll but they soon disappeared up their drive when we approached.

We caught up with the Ozzies in the East Hide but it was depressing news – hardly any birds to be seen!  They are cutting and burning some of the reeds near the North Hide and and we wondered whether this had had an impact generally.  Still, good to see Sally and co.  We eventually did find some birdlife at the South Hide but nothing very close and only Peter managed to get pictures worth looking at, with his longer lens.

Hobby taking a rest

Female Shoveller looking amazed!

Herd of Konik ponies who graze the grass to keep it in good condition for the birds

Wild sweetpeas

We drove to the new campsite but this time avoided the narrowest of lanes.  It’s fine and not too crowded at all.  Most people will probably be arriving on Friday for the bank holiday weekend.  Played boules with the boys until it got too dark to see the jack and then we all enjoyed a barbecue chez Sally and Sean.  Sausages cooked this way always taste better!

It was a fantastically starry night and some of us toasted marshmallows over the fire.  A lovely ending to another good day in Suffolk.