We awoke to a brilliant blue sky and an azure sea – fantastic!  This is the scene in front of Bessie


and this is the one outside her door!

DSC00449Today was a day to relax, something which we hadn’t really done much of since we started off on this journey of exploration nearly a month ago.

Our neighbours turn out to be a friendly couple, Carol and Graham, newly retired and with a brand new campervan.  Carol is also writing a holiday blog for friends and family and Tony, our genial host, was kind enough to let us both go down to the B & B he runs with wife, Sharon, to use their internet connection.


Carol and Graham, feeling more energetic than us today, rode off on their bikes to explore the twisty hills (rather them than me).  I settled down to some painting and Peter relaxed on one of the sun loungers which, up until now, had been shut in the box on Bessie’s back.  Equally relaxed, the seals lay like giant slugs on the rocks in the bay.  This is the life…


A large white old-fashioned cruise ship, now named “Peace Boat’ sailed along the horizon.  On investigation, it appears that it’s on its 79th global peace voyage, campaigning for a nuclear power-free world.


Tony is ever willing to be helpful and got on with planting some herbs in the crevices of the rocks beside each motorhome place.  We have now got sage and chives for our use.  We arranged to buy some home-made sausages and also some smoked salmon from him and later on the barbecue made its second appearance.  It was a lot more pleasurable than last time on Barra when we had to battle with the wind to light it!


The meal was excellent and I have no doubt that won’t be the last sausages we buy from Tony.


A Buzzard flew past but we still haven’t seen the Golden Eagle that apparently makes regular appearances…


Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…