We decided to have a chill-out day today as we have done a lot of driving around lately.  The weather is rather dull and fairly windy too.

I settled down to some painting with my watercolour pencils (Luskentyre beach)


while Peter read his book and studied the OS maps.  I looked through the file of information we have on the area and noticed that there was a Golden Eagle observatory a few miles north of Tarbert.  We thought we might go and have a look at that tomorrow, although judging by the forecast for this area, it could be rather foggy here and, more worryingly, foggy as well for Tuesday when we leave.  Already alarmed at the thought of those roads in fog!

In the afternoon, Peter walked down to the pier below.  Tony’s boat is the blue one.



He saw Tony and ordered some more eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Tony will bring these up in the early evening with our promised smoked salmon tail.  The boat skeleton on the hill, apparently, is an unfinished project by a local man and is likely to remain unfinished unfortunately.


Peter then went up to one of Tony’s lochs in search of the elusive Otter, but no luck there again.


A Hooded Crow flew past.


and the Cottongrass is coming out now.


A small trickly waterfall cascaded down the rocks (featured image above).

This is Bessie as seen from the loch – looking lonely for now but another motor caravan is expected in the evening.


One of the many dilapidated and abandoned stone houses seems to be returning to the landscape and is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.  Maybe that is why they are never pulled down…

DSC_1401The early evening sun started to creep over the distant hills beyond Tarbert and for a short while the house some miles away from Flodabay lit up.

DSC_1403Then the sun set behind us, leaving a golden glow above the hills and so ended a quiet but peaceful day here at Flodabay