This part of the world has more than its fair share of fascinating areas for studying nature and today we decided to pay Freiston Shore a visit – another RSPB reserve.

Although it is located in a beautiful spot, complete with grazing sheep in the foreground, Freiston Shore proved to be slightly disappointing.


The birds could only be seen at a distance and there was a preponderance of geese in the mix. The good thing was that we were able to view them from the comfort of Bessie.


This delightful little sparrow posed nicely in the hedge:


After taking a few photos we decided to go back to Gibraltar Point for the rest of the day.  We were not to be disappointed, although at first there seemed to be fewer birds about. Then we spotted a little Redshank, soon to be joined by another. The light was excellent.


DSC_2467 DSC_2468

There was a little Grey Plover, his beautifully marked plumage sparkling in the sunlight and a light breeze picking up the feathers on his head.




We heard a familiar call and then, on an island, we saw movement – it was a Curlew standing majestically in the grass.

DSC_2510In the distance a couple of Little Egrets took to the air:

DSC_2533and one of them landed near to us.


When he opened his bill wide, it was a scary sight!


The Curlew reached the shoreline – what an amazing tool that long curved bill is for reaching down into the water for any tasty tidbits that may be lurking.

DSC_2590Those long legs are perfect for wading into deeper water.

DSC_2599A walk to another hide found some Shovelers making their way from one patch of water to another.  We both find birds in flight fascinating.

DSC_2611This handsome chap had a lot to say for himself!

DSC_2654On returning to the original hide before wending our way back to the campsite, we found a solitary Bar-tailed Godwit, unusually close to where we were standing and even though the light was failing fast, we were able to take some clear shots of both him and a Redshank.



DSC_2710Another brilliant day amongst the wildlife of Lincolnshire…