The sea is more unnaturally turquoise than ever where it is deep and translucent towards the edge of the beach.  The water is so unpolluted that you can see the flat stones beneath the water clearly in the shallows.


We have had a bit of a accident.  My camera slipped off the table when Peter was trying to level Bessie onto a chock with an extra piece of wood underneath.  The shutter will no longer work.  Anyone who knows me will realise what a disaster this is.  I am never without my lovely Nikon D5100 and there is plenty of holiday yet to come.

We drove straightaway to the airport to use their wifi and I found a camera shop in Carmarthen who had one D5100 body (I can use the lenses I already have).  The man I spoke to was very helpful and agreed to post it immediately to Mary at our campsite address.  I had to pay a premium for a 24 hour service but he thought I should receive it on Saturday (tomorrow).  We will have to wait and see.  If not, it will be Monday of course.  He thinks mine can be mended but of course it may not be economical.

That accomplished, we drove back to the campsite and had a walk along the beach.



Strange dock-like scarlet leaves

We are wearing our new matching Peter Storm sun-hats that Rob gave us for our birthdays.

hats_edited-1Peter then took himself off up the hill behind the campsite while I undertook a couple of paintings of the scene before me.  As an oil painter I find it tricky to get the simplicity of a watercolour right.  The first one is an acrylic.



Peter returned with lots of photos, including one of the new wind turbine that has been erected…


and some very nice shots of some of the wild flowers (there are over 150 species on Barra alone apparently).  Some we know and some we don’t so any ideas?



Common Storksbill

Common Storksbill



Spring Squill?

Spring Squill?


Common Dog Violet

This is the Atlantic Coast and as such is more dramatic.


This Oystercatcher was sounding a warning call – probably there may have been some babies around.

DSC06325We drove down to Castlebay as we knew that the fish and chip van was by the football ground.  Out in the harbour was a magnificent two masted yacht, the “Lady of Avenel”.  I haven’t been able to check her out but perhaps someone will know something about her?



We took the fish and chips back to the campsite and ate them outside but by this time the sun had cooled (it was nearly 10pm!) and it was getting chilly.



I do hope my new camera will arrive tomorrow…