As predicted, today is wet.  What to do?  Not wishing to stay huddled up in Bessie at the campsite, we decided to go for a drive.  You never know what you might see!  As it turned out, we were glad we did…

Driving past a little inland lochan we spotted a smallish bird and stopped to take a look.  It was some distance away and, with the grey conditions, difficult to get good photographs.  Whoever it was was causing a bit of a stir with a Gull and a Greylag.

DSC_0017Our terrorist turned out to be a Redshank – the first we had seen on Barra this year and one of the few waders.


Driving down the east coast I suddenly spotted something with long legs out on a far rocky ridge.  We turned Bessie around and went back to the spot.  Not one Whimbrel but two!

DSC_0040After a while they flew off but great to know that some of the migrants we had seen last year actually stayed to breed this year.

Buoyed by a bit of success on this unpromising day, we decided to head off for Vatersay – perhaps there could be something surprising there too?  The Shelduck ducklings were sensibly sheltering under Mum’s capacious wings but we had a head count before they disappeared – all eight, that’s good.

Leaving after a while, Peter spotted not just one Common Sandpiper but two, so perhaps there is a nest somewhere.  This one was singing loudly, as you can see.

DSC_0073We headed back to the campsite but not before we captured this little bird on a wire.  Could it be a Chiffchaff?  Difficult to tell in this light and so far away.

DSC_0114Soon afterwards in Northbay, another bird on a wire but this time more identifiable – a Greenfinch.  Another species we have not seen on the island before.

DSC_0166I was able to get a nice close-up of this Lapwing on a nearby rock…


… and further on, on the same lochan we had photographed the Redshank, small family of Greylag Geese.  No wonder Dad was being protective earlier!

DSC_0151We finished our bird watching day with an old favourite of these parts, a female Wheatear, with something delectable in her beak.


Not a brilliant day weather-wise but a good one for bird watching!