Just when you think the sea cannot possibly get bluer here in Barra, it breaks all records.  We went down to the jetty at Eoligarry and the scene was simply stunning.  Here is a photographic record.



DSC_0915DSC_0917DSC_0921DSC_0925DSC_0929DSC_0935DSC06591DSC_0936DSC06597DSC_0948I painted the scene for a while and we eventually tore ourselves away to go to the airport to upload a couple of blog posts for yesterday and the day before.  We were virtually the only customers but it was a chance to have a bit of a chat to the people who run it.  We talked about Julia and the filming.  Apparently, she expected a bit of five star treatment but the staff were far too busy for that and she had to take her turn.  We also discussed life on Barra and, although they work incredibly hard six days a week, they are very happy with their lot.  The winters are windy and trade is light but they more than make up for that when spring and summer arrive.

We love the view from the car park there, overlooking the sands of Traigh Mhor and the scene is never the same from one day to the next.  The cloudscapes are amazing.


Returning to Eoligarry and I still can’t resist taking one of my favourite houses with the sea and sky behind it.


The red rooves of so many of the houses on the island fit into the landscape so well and the profusion of Sweet Cicely in the hedgerows just adds to the picture.


Even the lowering clouds on the horizon, with the dark shapes of the islands across the Sound of Fuday doesn’t diminish the scene and just adds to the drama.  No wonderful sunset tonight but I guess you can’t have everything…