As expected, today there are clouds hanging over the Sound of Fuday.  After breakfast we took a walk down to the beach as the tide was pretty much out.  Huge areas of sand, covered in millions of worm casts, lay between shallow pale turquoise waters.


A Great Black-backed Gull was feeding at the water’s edge until he flew off further down the beach.



A Black-Headed Gull hovered near the edge and repeatedly took a graceful dive into the water – presumably for some morsel or other.



Later in the afternoon, and the water was again rich shades of vibrant blue, a small yacht sailed past the tiny island of Lingay, off the coast of Eriskay.


We are waiting anxiously for the postman.  A few days ago our kitchen tap developed a major leak and flooded the carpet.  We have been unable to use the water properly ever since, with all the inconvenience that implies.

The tap was a new one, only fitted last summer so on Monday we had been promised a new one to be sent to the campsite.  Unusually, it wasn’t in the post yesterday so surely today?  It doesn’t arrive until late afternoon at this end of the island but it was nearly 5pm when the postman drove up the drive, opened the front door and deposited the post on Mary’s doormat!  I don’t think anyone locks their doors on Barra.  A few minutes later, little Seamus trotted over to Bessie with our parcel – hoorah!

I fell asleep after having a restless night and when I woke up Peter had fixed the new tap and we had continuous water again.  Thank goodness.

The afternoon was sunny but there is nearly always a breeze, if not a wind, so I wrapped up warm and did some painting outside.  It seems a crime to stay in Bessie when the sun is out.



Peter barbecued some sausages but we decided it had got too cold to stay outside so we ate inside in the warm.

Our usual game of Scrabble ensued – two in fact.  Modesty forbids me to say who won both of them – unusually I admit…