This is our last full day on Barra and, as such, we thought we should revisit our favourite places including, of course, the Airport Café which has hosted most of our wifi for this blog. I had their local hot smoked salmon and cream cheese baguette and wished I had had it before! Peter left the girls a £10 tip as they have been unfailingly friendly and cheerful throughout our extended stay at their tables and we left with a cheery goodbye and see you again soon! A small private plane was parked on the sand.


One thing I have forgotten to mention in these posts is the appearance of a few YES boards in significant places.


Speaking to our host, who bears a striking blue-eyed resemblance to Sean Connery, it seems as uncertain as it appears generally to be in Scotland, as to which way the island will vote. Apparently there have been no NO boards made, so difficult to tell!

This mournful-looking brown sheep stopped her grass munching for a moment to bid us farewell.


Our tour, of course, had to include an excursion over the causeway to Vatersay, which was as misty today as Barra itself. As you can see, the family of Shelducks is alive and well and Mum and Dad are as protective as ever.

We did notice, however, that the ducklings are getting increasingly more independent and are not always stuck like glue to their parents or their siblings. This group of six were, however, having a cuddle-up.


We popped over to the house to say goodbye to our lovely hostess, Mary, and promised that she would see us again another year – although possibly not 2015 which is our big (and I mean big) anniversary year. It’s been great being at Croft No. 2 again and we know we will return – definitely.