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Today is our last full day on this interesting island.  At first we thought it a little bland but the more we’ve seen the more we like it.  It’s a lot more pastoral than the more Western of the Isles but there’s still plenty to appreciate.

The mist hung around for most of the morning but we concentrated on the west coast today, driving down several miles and then turning round so that we could easily stop at intervals along the shore.

These are typical old island houses with attic bedrooms – you can see the mist around the chimney pots.  Luckily for us the mist slowly evaporated and it turned out to be a warm sunny day during the afternoon.

DSC_0023There seemed to be plenty of Curlews around today – these are just a few of the photos we took of this elegant bird early on.

DSC_0159DSC_0179DSC_0207DSC_0209This must be the poshest boathouse we have seen.  It stood on a substantial plot and had its own slipway down to the water.

DSC_0243When you see the magnificent house in its grounds opposite it all makes sense!

DSC_0244Their sheep looked equally smart, all nicely shorn of their wool and lined up in the lee of the stone wall against the stern wind that was blowing.

DSC_0247More Curlews:

DSC_0250DSC_0329DSC_0334DSC_0341The stones along the beach are beautiful and remind me of Cadburys mini eggs!

DSC_0350And some of the rocks are beautiful in their intricacy.

DSC_0409We suddenly saw a bird that took our breath away – a bird we would never thought to have seen in this coastal setting.  A peacock!  He was standing outside a cottage and showing off for all his worth!


DSC_0500aDSC_0445DSC_0447DSC_0473DSC_0459Not to be outdone by the Curlews, our old friend, the Sandpiper, made an entrance…

DSC_0558… and these two Oystercatchers looked like a couple of old women having a natter!

DSC_0570Peter got very excited when he saw a large bird in the sky and although it turned out to be a Buzzard he was still pleased with these photos.

DSC_0587DSC_0590DSC_0594DSC_0665DSC_0670This family of Mute Swans looked great against the blue of the little bay they were swimming in.

DSC_0708DSC_0715This is the ferry that we came over from Kintyre in the other day – the water is a lot calmer today!

DSC_0721When we got back to Lochranza the castle looked wonderful in the early evening light…

DSC_0736… and we thought this young deer with his emerging antlers looked more than cute.

DSC_0730Last but not least we were treated to a spectacular sunset later on at the campsite – one of many we have witnessed this holiday.