We woke to blue skies and brilliant sunshine – not bad for late October!  We had a relaxed start and got to RSPB Titchwell just after midday.  It was amazing, when the outside temperature was over 18 degrees, to see most people in at least two layers of clothing – if not three, including thick woolly (or even fur in some cases) hats!  Although breezy, it was a warm wind and we certainly didn’t feel cold in our tee-shirts.

There were more cars than I had ever seen before when we arrived but Titchwell is a large place and it didn’t seem crowded.  Unfortunately, they were having repairs done to some of the sea wall and one hide was closed. which was a shame as it was closer to the birdlife. Titchwell appeals most to those people with enormous scopes that don’t actually want to photograph the birds. They tend to be so far away from the other hides that it makes it challenging to get a good shot – even with my excellent lens. What I was pleased with were some shots of birds in flight.

Here’s a little competition for you! The header picture shows a variety of birds – how many can you name? I am repeating the photo here so that you can click on it. Don’t forget also to click on the magnifying glass (plus sign) for the full size.


Here’s another one you can have a go at!


A common bird – the Redshank – with his legs positively glowing in the sun!


More uncommon is the Ruff:


Two cosy looking Green-winged Teal

Two cosy looking Green-winged Teal


Female Shoveler





We left Titchwell just after 3pm and drove along the coast to Brancaster Staithe – we can’t keep away from those cockles! The Crab Hut was still open and some of the larger boats had been pulled out of the water by tractor – according to the lady in the hut.


After tucking into our cockles we moved closer to the shore and captured more images in the dying sunlight.


Black-headed Gull



It's that boat again...

It’s that boat again…


Peter couldn’t resist giving the gulls some old bread!


Before long the sun disappeared…


…and we were left with a lovely crescent moon on the way back to our orchard home.

DSC_0464An alternative moon when my hand moved while taking the picture:


Who says there’s no man in the moon?

Another lovely day forecast for tomorrow – we’re being spoilt!