Our last day in the orchard at Bramley House but, true to the forecast, today is grey. Our first stop is the farm shop where they can’t possibly get another pumpkin in.











With so many still in the fields around here, I can’t believe that they’ll get rid of all of them!


Anyway, armed with some sausages, Sandringham apple juice and some fresh bread, we set out for our favourite stretch of Norfolk coast. We hadn’t visited RSPB Snettisham before because we knew there was a problem with parking but decided to park further away and walk to the reserve. It wasn’t at all promising but we did see this pair of Egyptian Geese, a bird which was brought to the UK as a captive species but which since have escaped and become ferral. They are indeed handsome birds.



It was going to be a very long walk to the nearest hide so we decided to call it a day and walk back from here. Peter spotted this Robin singing its heart out in a tree and photographed it especially for our daugter, Sally…


…and a Goldfinch for Sean (there were about 30 of them!)


This sheep was rather appealing:


Back in Bessie…


…and off to Brancaster Staithe for our very last fresh cockles from The Crab Hut. On the way we saw a small flock of Grey Partridge grazing in a farmer’s field. They are meant to be a secretive bird and are in decline but they didn’t seem worried when Bessie pulled up close to the hedgerow.

A handsome fellow

A handsome fellow

After our cockles and fresh bread we took a few last photos of the inhabitants of the Staithe, both sea-going and feathered.


Black-tailed Godwit

Black-tailed Godwit





Further along the coast is Burnham Overy Staithe, which we hadn’t discovered up till now. It’s a bigger version of Brancaster Staithe and there were lots of people walking along the sea wall (mostly with dogs) just as dusk was falling.







This Little Egret looked stunning in the failing light…


…and the reflection of this boat in the water was amazing.


We passed Burnham Overy windmill on our way back.


There’s a bit of rain about tonight but hopefully tomorrow will be fine for our trip down to Suffolk where we’ll be staying near to Southwold.