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Once again Bessie is enjoying the hospitality of Bramley House, Jan’s peaceful orchard home. As promised by the Met Office, our first day began with sunshine and, although a little chilly still in the wind, we can venture out without a coat.

Our first day was spent at one of our favourite bird reserves – Titchwell Marsh, along the glorious North Norfolk coast and the signs looked good for a great day out. The reeds were corn coloured in the sun and this Greylag is definitely chilling out.


Overhead a pair of Marsh Harriers swoop and glide, hoping to spot a tasty morsel…



and a Mute Swan is looking majestic – glinting in the warm light.


We left the Fen Hide and headed for the main hide overlooking the main expanse of water.

What a feast of birds! Sean’s favourite, the Avocet, is here in number…

DSC_2186and when they take to the air they are a delight – see featured image.

There’s the elegant Gadwall…


…a teal looking every bit like the china flying ducks of the 50s…


…a pair of Shelduck…DSC_2224and a vibrant male Shoveler.




A noisy gang of Brent Geese descended on the quiet scene and causing havoc…


and there is no mistaking the flash of emerald green when this dainty Green Winged Teal dives for food…


The bill of this Red Crested Pochard (male right) gleams like the brightest red lipstick you have ever seen!


The Pintail is a handsome looking duck…


…and it’s lovely to see an old favourite of ours – the dainty Grey Plover.


This Ruff is starting to get his mating plumage but we have yet to witness the Ruff in the full outfit of giant feather ruff around his neck to attract the ladies!

DSC_0077The highlight of our day at Titchwell has to be, however, a chance to see a real rarity – a Spoonbill. They are now breeding just along the coast and this lone example was obviously out for the day. He was quite some way in the distance but, luckily with the extra long lens, we managed to get well… quite a lot of shots actually!



Interesting to see him between a couple of Greylag Geese for size comparison…


He looks as if he is sporting a pair of patent leather thigh boots!


We finished off our lovely day with a trip to another favourite, Brancaster Staithe, and indulged ourselves in a bowl of cockles each…


…whilst looking out over the crab pots at the water resplendent with jolly, bobbing boats of all colours.

DSC_0111 DSC_0105 Oh, and we can’t leave out the first Swallows of summer…


and this hilarious trio of dancing Guineafowl, spotted whilst driving.


What a day!