Yes, it’s Norfolk in the autumn once more.  A good drive up from Kent yesterday in the golden light of late October.  We drove through several medieval villages in Essex…



… arriving at our orchard campsite at Bramley House just before 6pm – in the dark of course. Jan is very pleased to see us and we take up our usual spot in front of the barn.

Slightly restless night (as usual) but we woke to rather cloudy skies but with a promise of sunny intervals in the afternoon.  On our way to Brancaster Staithe, we stopped at our usual farm shop near King’s Lynn and treated ourselves to some some goodies to eat.

Pumpkin time again!

Pumpkin time again!

Then onwards towards the beautiful Northern coast of Norfolk and the familiar site of the Crab Hut where the tastiest cockles are to be procured.  The ice cream van is new.


At first, as usual, there seemed to be few birds but we moved down to the edge of the mud (the tide was really out) and it wasn’t long before a gorgeous Little White Egret appeared surprising this Oystercatcher…


DSC_6768DSC_6816…and a Redshank. I particularly like the effect that this orange buoy and its reflection had on this photo.




This little crab became the unwilling meal for a Herring Gull…


Cockles for lunch!


The afternoon sun glistened on the stationary boats.


and fishermen started to return with their catches…



The sun began to set on what turned out to be a beautiful day at the Staithe…