The winds are still strong here on Barra but, luckily, the weather usually goes through many moods in the course of a day.  It is rare that there is a complete write-off.  I have a feeling I may live to regret that statement!

We started off at the airport with their delicious homemade lentil soup for lunch and, of course, the publishing of the day before’s blog post.

Then it was down to Castlebay, taking photos on the way as usual.


This must be the most charming (and there’s plenty of competition) pair of lambs on the island.  Gorgeous.


A visit to the Co-op is a must today and from here it is only a mile or so over the causeway to Vatersay where we were fairly lucky on the bird and animal front.

We spotted this handsome Whimbrel who posed very nicely for us before flying off again.


In the water the Eiders were congregating with the males showing off as usual!


Peter managed to get a photo of this Grey Heron after he successfully dived for some lunch…


… And the difference between the flamboyant male Eider and his mate is striking – even in the bird world.


Sheep always seem to thrive on the edge and this ewe and lamb are no exception.


Down at our favourite rocky bay this very laid-back Grey Seal kept popping up and seemed to be floating backwards.  He looked very content anyway.


The Turnstone dissolves into the background of seaweed, making it very difficult to spot.


Another Great Northern Diver.


Back at the old jetty there’s not much happening but this sweet Wheatear is fluffed up for the cold wind which is increasing.  I sense a bad night ahead!