Dotted around the island are the signs – haven’t spotted a Conservative one though!  The handsome community centre in Castlebay hosts the polling station although I didn’t see any queues.




Down at the old quay in Eoligarry a lone Redshank posed handsomely on the rocks…


And there was the strange sight of a tractor coming along the sand towards us – a local farmer.


On Vatersay there wasn’t much going on – just the usual gang of Oystercatchers, Turnstones and the male Shelduck.  We imagine that the female is possibly on a nest somewhere as it’s that time of the year of course.



I have never seen sheep quite as woolly as this!  I’m not sure of the breed but they are no doubt bred for chilly winters.


At the airport we were rather hungry so splashed out on lentil soup followed by (in my case) a giant slice of pineapple cake – I can’t begin to describe the deliciousness.  I’m sure the irony of the can of Diet Coke won’t go unnoticed…


One thing we forgot to mention yesterday was the appearance of a large flock of Golden Plovers in a field.  We always describe them as gentlemen in ermine – their breeding plumage is amazing.



Back at the campsite, with the promise of a wonderful day tomorrow weatherwise, there was a sudden quick shower and then a fabulous double rainbow – here’s the best half!