Peter awoke feeing rather ill – a sore throat, cough etc.  It was also a horrible day weather-wise – again as predicted.  Interestingly, Radio 4 (our main provider of news regarding the outside world) very rarely mentions the Outer Hebrides in their weather forecasts.  The North of Scotland and the East and West of Scotland but not the far flung islands.

The header picture is a typical scene from Eoligarry across the Sound of Fuday towards the island of the same name.  The water was sparkling in the early evening and I have tried to represent this – difficult in acrylic and I’m not sure about it.

Anyway, it was miserable with a return of the high winds, which have prevailed for much of our stay here so far, and intermittent rain.  So. apart from our visit to the airport café in order to publish the day before’s blog post, we did very little.

I’m relieved to say that Monday and Tuesday are predicted to be sunny and warm!

One thing we did do was phone our grandson, Guy, who was celebrating his 17th birthday.  Hope you had a great day, Guy!

So, as usual, I did some painting and Peter concentrated on the jigsaw we had started the other evening.


The second painting is one of the many photogenic rocky white sandy bays in the Eoligarry area of Barra.  Although I have used acrylic paints I have tried to execute it in a watercolour way.


The third painting is of another rocky bay on the east coast near to North Bay.  The house is in a typical Hebridean modern style and is balanced on the edge of the rocky promontory.  Around every corner is another amazing view and it would take more time than even we have here this time.


The fourth is meant to represent the clear shallow water of Vatersay but I found it extremely difficult to do this.  So please be kind!


Peter has just reminded me that I didn’t post the photos of the Godwit and the Dunlins yesterday.  Here they are!



Hopefully there will be more news tomorrow!