Somehow I mentally see the Oystercatchers (in the header photo above) in top hats and carrying canes a la Fred Astaire!

With the prospect of another glorious day in front of us we headed down to the old jetty and managed to park in our new favourite spot and got out the chairs again.  Me to do another painting…


And Peter to do some bird spotting.

There is still quite a stiff breeze on the island but Bessie helped us shelter from it.  Disappointing on the bird front really – just some gulls (Herring Gulls and one Iceland Gull) and a brief visit from a Shelduck.



Travelling on down the east coast, I spotted some larger waders on the sandy bay at Easary.  We managed to park but, as we lowered Bessie’s steps to get out, the Whimbrels (for that is what they were) took fright and flight!



It looked such a lovely place and there was a very handy seat so we decided to stay awhile.  Another painting!





Eventually we dragged ourselves away and drove back to the campsite, passing this charming lamb duo.


We never know how many motorhomes we will see at the campsite.  There has been quite an increase in them on the island and Angus and Mary are having to turn some away.  Good job we’re secure in our prime spot!  Meanwhile, the snails are still climbing the posts and Peter spots a Redwing in a bush nearby.


Race you to the top!


It’s barbecue time!