The weather today is cloud – thick cloud.  We are now alone on the campsite so take advantage of having sole use of the lovely new shower block and washing machine!  Then we settled down with the script of my new play, London Wall, which I am directing at the Oast Theatre in the autumn.  We discussed thoughts for the set, toying with ideas, both mad and sensible, for changing the set several times during the play in a quick but interesting way for the audience.  Nothing definite decided but good to explore the possibilities.

Eventually the skies cleared a bit and the low cloud turned into high cloud.

We set off for the airport café to publish the day before’s blog post and had a bit of a chat with Mick, the exile from Birmingham who runs the café with his wife, Sharon.  And what a good job they have made of it – seven days a week with their excellent team of local ladies, plus one young man.  They had been away on a well-earned weekend break in Glasgow, courtesy of the Flybe twin otter I’m sure.  We remember going in to the café three years ago, before their tenancy, and it was fairly boring with none of the friendly banter and excellent cakes of today.  We really hope that they stick it out.

You may think, “they said it was cloudy so why is there a blue sky above the sunny gorse in the header picture?”  Well, the answer is simple – I cheated.  This picture was taken a while ago.  Here are a few more so far unpublished shots:

Bluebells – Having said that we hadn’t seen any, Peter spotted these in a rare wooded area near North Bay.


Bogbean – Unpleasant name for a beautiful flower!


Last year’s cow parsley – spotted in the hedgerow, like a simple sculpture.


Macroon’s teashop/post office in Castlebay



A fishing boat in Castlebay


We drove down to Castlebay and visited the Barra Community Shop.


Despite its rather dour exterior it is, in fact,  a fair cornucopaea inside, with local crafts and produce on display and for sale.  I was determined to get a new hat and one made in Barra especially.  This is the one I chose eventually, after much trying on, an Arran patterned pull-on knitted by ‘Cecilia’.  Easy to wear and covers the ears!


On the way back to the campsite we spotted a Greenfinch at Northbay on an overhead wire (picture too fuzzy to show) and I remember seeing a Greenfinch there two years ago.  Along the road to the jetty we spotted another bird which eventually caused quite an argument!  My guess is a Twite while Peter is convinced it’s a Redpoll.  Note to Sean – I will send it to iSpot for a verdict when I get a chance.


I spent the early evening painting one of my favourite scenes – the beach to the north of the jetty…


…while Peter lit the barbecue and cooked hamburgers and sausages.  Delicious.