Today we must leave Barra after four wonderful weeks.  In spite of the gales it’s been a fantastic stay as usual and it feels like we’re leaving our second home.  We love the relaxed and easy style of Angus and Mary’s field and know we will soon be staying in more regulated sites from now on.

Down at Ardmhor the ferry Loch Allain is approaching the small harbour and the postman is there in poll position to handover and collect the mail from Eriskay before the rest of us board.


There are only two motorhomes, us and another one from our site, the rest being cars and commercial vehicles.  Loading is swift and efficient as usual with CalMac and we, having pre-booked, are one of the first onboard.  Being old hands at this by now, we dress appropriately for the windy 40 minute voyage and get up on deck quickly to grab a good seat near the front.


Peter loves to photograph the seabirds and here are some of the results.


Male Eider




Black Guillemot




Our old friend, the Great Northern Diver

Plus, of course, the magnificent Gannet who flew so close to us, we ended up with quite a few great shots (see header), including this one showing they can turn their head round 180 degrees!


The 40 minute voyage is over in no time and we are approaching Coilleag, the port of Eriskay and, as we drive off the ferry, the magnificent Prince’s Strand lies before us in a graceful arc.  For those unaware of its name’s significance, it is where Bonnie Prince Charlie arrived on Scottish soil from France.



We stop at the fishing harbour, full of crab pots for something to eat…


… And then do a quick tour of this very small island, revisiting all the old favourites.



St Michael’s church with its bell from the WW1 battleship SMS Derflinger which was scuttled near Eriskay and the gorgeous view from the hill that it sits on.




Then it’s just a short step to the causeway which links the island with South Uist and our next campsite at Kilbride.

DJ (as he prefers to his name, Donald) has built a café on the site now, complete with wifi,  We were hoping that the wifi would extend to Bessie’s space but, unfortunately, it doesn’t.  The café is very spacious and nicely furnished, with a wooden verandah looking out to sea, but the cakes are fairly ordinary (unlike the Airport Cafe on Barra) so we may still go to the Post Office/Internet café at Lochboisdale for most of our wifi.


Bessie is on the left of the café.

Tomorrow is supposed to be less windy so we are looking forward to it!