First, the header.  How many baby Ringed Plovers can you spot?  I have to admit to a bit of cheating…

Here is the little fellow on his own:


Isn’t he a sweetheart?

Having got to Clachtoll for our third visit it unfortunately looks as though the weather is going to be a bit of a disappointment.  Nothing dreadful, just cloud.  We will make the most of it however.  Having driven to Lochinver to post a couple of blog posts, we were disappointed not to see the mobile food van in the parking area in front of the bay.  She was always busy so I don’t know why.

While in Lochinver we went to the cash machine at the RBS.  I love these local Scottish banks – they always look like converted houses and this one is no different.


The harbour is always busy…


We drove around to Inverkirkaig to see if there was any interesting birdlife in the bay there.


Apart from our little friend above and his parents, there wasn’t anything spectacular.  The usual Oystercatchers, various Gulls and some Mallard ducks were there but how about this for an engaging character?


A female Wheatear was flying manically from pillar to post (or post to post actually) trying to get us to go away, presumably because of babies.


Quite cross isn’t she?

But one of the small incidences that ended happily was Peter rescuing this poor little lamb who had got his head stuck when being nosey presumably.  We don’t know how long he had been like this but mother was looking concerned and he was going bananas trying to pull his head out of the wire fence.


He didn’t enjoy the rescue particularly but he was free and ran immediately to mum for comfort!


A happy ending for both!

The journey from Inverkirkaig is quite tortuous and you really wouldn’t want to meet another motorhome on this road.


But the countryside is lovely.


We’re hoping tomorrow the weather will be a bit more sunny so we can visit Clashnessie, the gorgeous pink beach around the corner from the campsite.