We feel sure that it won’t be too long as there are signs.  We had a little drive out, making a small discovery around the corner from the campsite – a little hut called ‘Flossie’s Beach Store’. Peter went in and it was a tiny grocery shop with home-made cakes!  Needless to say, we purchased some – lemon and poppy seed cake.  It was delicious.  We will return!


Down at Lochinver (which we have since discovered is pronounced with the stress on the 2nd syllable) I published the blog for the day before and Peter spotted this Merganser in the bay.


Then we drove off to Clashnessie (the pink) Beach but didn’t go onto the sand as there was a bunch of canoeists there and really the weather wasn’t good enough. Hopefully we can do it tomorrow.


We headed for the lighthouse at Stoer Point – you can see for miles up that high!


The sun may not have his hat on but this small mountain certainly has a gauzy one!  I love this lighthouse because it reminds me of a Walt Disney version.


This is the beach just around the corner from the campsite:


Back at the campsite someone poses nicely atop the rocks at the bay.


We spent the rest of the day doing some work on the play I’m directing for the Oast in October.  I’ve been waiting for a dull day…

Tomorrow should be better weather I think so back to a fuller blog post!