As I noted in the last edition of this blog, we caught the first ferry over to the Isle of Bute, fully intending to spend the day looking around.


Loch Dunvegan

However, we were both feeling drained after hearing the result of the EU Referendum and after two early mornings and nights with little sleep, we didn’t really have the energy to do it. However, we took to the road and there were very few diversions on this small island.The sun was coming out and Bute appeared like a version of Sodor but without Thomas the Tank Engine. Very neat and green with tiny toy houses.


Port Bannatyne

From here it was but a short journey to the capital, Rothesay, an interesting looking little town.


Some beautiful decorative ironwork


Scotland, we have found, is a very friendly nation and, while we were hovering near the harbour trying to decide which road to take, a chap walking his dogs stopped to ask if he could help. We told him we only had a few hours so he suggested we go to see a ruined church, St Blanes, near the south of the island. It sounded interesting and gave us a route to take. However, when we got there we discovered that it involved a lengthy walk up a hill and we both felt we didn’t have the energy, unfortunately. This photo from Undiscovered Scotland.


So we travelled on and I took photos of this neat little island and its inhabitants.


Roe Deer






Back in Rothesay there is just time to pop into the Co-op and to buy some chips and some Italian ice cream from Zavaroni’s (comfort food) before boarding Calmac’s Argyle (see header) to cross the Clyde to Wemyss Bay on the mainland.

Interesting greeting on the pier:


Is it early or is it late?

On the mainland we managed to navigate our way around Glasgow to find our new campsite in Stepps on the outskirts of the city. We slept well!