Having arrived at our next campsite, Park Top Farm near Richmond, the night before, a quick decision was made. It was so peaceful and beautiful and, just like that, we decided to stay another night. We also realised that we needed a bit of a rest. Peter had been driving for long periods and we had done a lot of sightseeing in Glasgow and then the day at Cragside. We felt that a day in Liverpool and then one in Chester, which we had planned before heading home, was ambitious, so, dear readers, family and friends, we will be returning to Tunbridge Wells on Sunday instead of Monday. We will still drive through Liverpool and Chester but with no time for sightseeing unfortunately.

Today’s blog will contain the rest of yesterday’s journey and also our quiet day photographs at the farm. Still plenty of photos!


Early evening sun and wonderful landscape

Having left the pleasant town of Brampton, we drove on to Yorkshire and Park Top Farm.

This castle looks interesting in the village of Ravensworth – more on this tomorrow!


We met Ken, the farmer, and he was charming. A lovely welcome and oh, what a wonderful site and view down the valley. The sun was out and the lengthening shadows of the early evening were dramatic.


It is a certificated site within the C & CC umbrella and these are the sites that we like the best. Five or six spaces and, in this case certainly, an acre or two of well-mown grass with a fantastic view – and peace. They are usually used by other quiet retirees like us. The perfect place for a ‘day off’.

As we approached the farm we saw a gang of Curlews in a nearby field. There were about eleven altogether – probably the biggest flock of them we had seen.


8 of them!


Odd to see them so far from the coast.


Another hare!

Having made the decision to stay here for two nights and go home a day early, it meant phoning up a couple of the sites to let them know but they were very understanding.

There is only one other couple here in a caravan so it’s as peaceful as can be and we had a good night’s sleep.

The next day was sunny and we were so pleased with our decision. We didn’t move from the farm but there was still plenty to see.


View down the valley from the farm



Just behind us over the drystone wall!


Nuthatch Junior

Peter was determined to get a shot of the Swallow which was diving around in front of us all day. Easier said than done!



Junior Pied Wagtail – chubby!

And last, but not least, two male Pheasant friends out for a jog…


Definitely a place we will return to if we fancy a quiet relaxing time without moving an inch!