Another bright day today so we made the most of it by driving out to Burnham Overy Staithe along the north Norfolk coast, but first calling at Brancaster Staithe to get some cockles! A golden labrador was having great fun chasing a ball into the water.

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There is a natural free car park at Burnham Overy Staithe  – on the mud and gravel in front of the moored boats and these are a wonderful sight, framed by the blue skies and sparkling water.  An elevated sea-wall separates the water from the adjacent fields and leads out to a beach which we have never yet seen.



We were able to let Alfie off the lead as he always checks that we are not far behind and then tends to wait patiently till we catch up!  There were many walkers, mostly middle-aged to older people in couples, usually with dogs – all of which were friendly, engaging with Alfie in a brief greeting; likewise the owners!




The sun was in and out and the wind was pretty strong again.  We had thought we would try to make it to the beach, which was beyond the dunes, but, knowing we had to walk back again, we eventually gave up and turned around to walk back.  The path was a bit stoney so not exactly comfortable walking after a while – even wearing our walking boots.

We both took lots of photos but we were quite some way from the birds so not all were as  clear as we would have liked.  Pictured here in no particular order is a male hen harrier, juvenile starling, egret, pink-footed goose, curlew and bar-tailed godwit.

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We have yet to experience the grand Norfolk sunset this holiday and, unfortunately, today was no exception.  Back in Bessie we drove back to Brancaster Staithe and tucked into our cockles, hoping for some good bird photos but had to concede defeat as the light faded with our hopes.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…