The weather today looks determined to be grim.  There’s no hope for it unfortunately.  The problem with having Alfie with us is that we have to try to give him a walk, especially when you’re living in a Bessie.  Peter gave himself up as the walk giver and thought he would like to go back to Burnham Overy Staithe and do the whole distance along the sea wall to the beach this time (see comment from Sally on yesterday’s visit).

I was happy to let him sacrifice himself for Alfie’s sake while I did a painting.  When they started out it was only a fine drizzle and the pair of them, dressed up to the nines (Alfie in his red winter coat and Peter in weather-proof jacket, hat etc.) put their best feet forward (all six of them).

My painting didn’t go well (so therefore no evidence!) and the weather steadily got worse and worse.  I expected them back pretty quickly but, no, they stuck it out through driving rain, with a few photographs to prove it.





When they turned up back at Bessie they were drenched but at least Alfie had had his walk and they had made it to the beach and back!

We decided to drive back to our orchard via Sainsburys (the diesel there is much the cheapest we have seen) and as we neared Bramley House at least we were honoured with a superb sunset.



Red sun at night shepherds’ delight eh?

We’ll see tomorrow…