Yes, I realise the neat connection with the above header picture but I promise they are not it!

The weather is so-so today – not raining but rather dull.  We have booked to go to The Wheel pub in Wisbech St Mary.  We first went  there a few years’ ago and it was such a great deal that we thought we should re-visit it.


It’s all very organised with mine host operating the carving knife on a variety of joints and you help yourself to beautifully cooked roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and many different vegetables and all the normal accompaniments.  Giant oval plates encourage you to overfill them and it’s difficult to not go back to your table with far too much food!

Needless to say, I had to call it a day before I got to the end.

The roast is very popular there and we saw that they now do it in regular two hour slots on Sunday and during the week as well.

Wisbech itself is a fairly old-fashioned town with many narrow Victorian homes crushed into the centre and around the River Nene.


By the way, the chickens on the header were seen browsing on a verge!

We felt guilty that Alfie hadn’t had a walk so Peter suggested we went to Heacham and the beach.  I have to admit that I could hardly move so he volunteered.  It was a short walk but Alfie enjoyed it.



As exotic as it got today…


We stopped at Brancaster Staithe but no birds in sight so we ended up driving back to Hunstanton and stopped at our favourite ice cream parlour for a couple of amazing assortments!  Yes, I know what you’re thinking but I can always find room for Italian ice cream…

Back to the orchard to sleep off our indiscretions…