Today is fairly cloudy but not too cold and the idea is to go into Richmond to spy out the lie of the land as far as parking is concerned.  We are meeting up with our old friend from college days, Sue. tomorrow and following up on the information she obtained for us before we left.  Parking with Bessie can be problematic of course but we found the recommended spot behind the old station and took Alfie for a stroll along the river Swale.  It was rather leafy and a bit slippery in parts but Alfie was such a good boy we let him off of his lead. Just as we were nearing the carpark I heard a snuffling noise and before we knew it a pony and rider appeared behind us.  Alfie looked a bit surprised but didn’t bark or rush at the horse.  We were even more pleased with him.  Well done Alfie!

Some photos of our walk:


Peter did some shopping in Tesco and we took advantage of the (relatively) cheaper diesel there.  Richmond certainly impresses and has some lovely Georgian buildings.  The rest we will see tomorrow.

Just as it was getting darker back at Park Top Farm, I spotted this visitor…


Let’s hope the forecast is wrong and it’s not going to pour with rain!