What you can’t see here is poor old Bessie hooked on to the back of the tractor as our friendly host, Ken, dragged us up the rain-sodden grassy slope that was our campsite this morning.  As expected, we had constant heavy rain all night and Peter wasn’t surprised when Bessie came to a stuttering halt halfway up the field where there is a slight hump.





We were on our way to Richmond to meet up with Sue, our old friend from college who had travelled down from Darlington specially.  The powerful tractor made light work of it and we were soon on the road thanks to Ken.

The old railway station at Richmond proved to be an excellent place for a meeting place – a large open area serving the community with an informal eating area, various exhibitions, a brewery and a cinema to name just a few!




Needless to say, there is no train service to Richmond these days.

It was lovely to see Sue again and it wasn’t long before we were chatting about the old days at the Medway College of Technology where we all met over fifty years ago incredibly.  Sue and I were on a business course and Peter on a building course.  We were in tight groups and many friendships (and at least three marriages) were forged over the two years we were all there.

I like to think we have matured quite well!


We had a nice light meal and the time zipped by.

Hours later, when we said our goodbyes, the rain had actually stopped and there was even a rainbow back at the campsite.  We decided to park nearer to the top of the slope – just in case!



The weather should be better tomorrow although it’s very windy tonight.  It’s still amazing countryside, whatever the weather.