The title says it all – a miserable day in the Dales.  So, a rest day for Peter and Alfie (apart from a couple of walks around the camping field) and a painting day for me!

First of all then – my efforts at getting the hang of watercolour.  The temptation is to use the same technique as acrylic but less is more with watercolour and that is hard to get my head around.

Both paintings represent photos from yesterday’s walk in Richmond.

First is the charming little house with views of the River Swale:


… and then the trees beside the river:


It’s been lovely to have a whole day (after a late breakfast!) to devote to painting but I always feel a bit guilty as it’s not a sociable occupation.  However, it did give Pete a good rest from driving of course. Alfie has just been cuddling up to him all day so he was happy too.

On one of his short walks with Alfie today Peter took some photos which I will show you here.


A very crooked tree going berserk!


A proud ram


Our view still looks magnificent


Anybody recognise this fungus?


Interesting stump!


About a third of a flock (?) of rooks flying overhead



You can see from the header picture that we have a real red sky at night so hopefully the required shepherds’ delight will follow…