We had a fairly relaxed start to the day but, as the weather began to improve, we decided to visit the Aysgarth Falls. But, as we moved carefully up the field, Bessie’s wheels started to spin and we weren’t going anywhere.  We phoned Ken but no answer.

Sadly we reversed back to our spot and whiled away the time with a game of Banagrams (a game we are now adicted to) and started to give up on the whole idea. Then, down the field comes Ken with his spaniel and Pete is out like a shot to talk to him. Yes, he says, no problem – I’ll fetch the tractor. And then, guess what? As Ken disappears from view, Peter starts up Bessie and begins to make his way up the field, moving faster this time.  We got through the gate in time to stop Ken in his tracks! He gives us a rueful grin and we’re on our way…

We took the easiest route via Richmond and I captured this photo of the castle:


Just a few photos along the way of this wonderful countryside:





1950s ‘Fergie’ seen on the road!

We reached the Aysgarth Falls and, it being a Sunday, there was quite a gaggle of people about but we managed to park at the top of the hill.


St Andrews Church in the background

Going carefully down the hill (a dizzying 45 degrees slope covered in wet leaves) dodging people coming up was tricky but we got some good photos of the amazing falls…


The legendary Aysgarth Falls


The old mill is for sale – quite a project!


Getting back up to the carpark through the churchyard was slightly more comfortable.


Seeing that the falls at West Burton were not far away, we decided to drive that way. This was much more comfortable with only a handful of visitors and much more attractive we thought.


The delightful village of West Burton



West Burton Falls


Extraordinary late sunshine on the fields…


On way back we came across this…


Further on at the farm the farmer’s wife stopped us to ask whether there were any sheep left. We were able to confirm they had all been collected!

Our last photos were actually taken earlier at the farm – first of all a red-legged partridge and then a couple of grey partridges.


Two grey partridges

Hoping for a lovely final full day tomorrow – if we can get out that is!