The header says it all.  We awoke to find the farmhouse had disappeared and so had the sheep!

Whether this has anything to do with ex-Ophelia we have no idea but, whatever had caused it, Bessie was wrapped in a white blanket and there was no way she was going anywhere today…

Ken drove up in a sort of four-wheel drive buggy and proceeded to hook up the odd caravan and drive off with it down the field into the murk.


I settled down to do some painting – a watercolour of the old mill at West Burton.


Not too bad but slightly over-worked

By mid-afternoon the low cloud had cleared quite a bit and gradually we could see the trees again and the sheep.




The mist was still lingering in the valleys though.


Some pics that didn’t make the blog yesterday now:


An ancient saw bench


Old AA Box Just outside Aysgarth

I think we’ve got the tail end of ex-Ophelia this evening. Peter has moved Bessie down the hill a bit so that we are no longer under the oak tree!  The wind is tossing us about a bit…