We awoke today to a considerable fug and wondered what we should do.  We decided to repeat our trip to Easington, even though it was now raining as well.  Alfie had so enjoyed his run on the beach yesterday.

At Easington the rain had abated somewhat but it was just as foggy.  Peter and Alfie set forth (I made excuses) but weren’t gone long.  Apparently Alfie kept running into the thick fog and Peter had to put him on his lead eventually.  He always likes us to be together so was probably anxious to get back.


Alfie just about visible!

In an attempt to get something colourful to show you, I took some photos of this ancient farm equipment that someone has given a lick of red paint to :

Certainly brightened up the fog today!

We thought we would drive on up the coast to Withernsea to see what delights it had to show us.

The most amusing thing was to see the name on the retirement home there (see our featured image above).

Ok, so there’s no apostrophe but it made us chuckle…  The thought of the Queen retiring to Withernsea was definitely amusing.

In fact, Withernsea was pretty sad.  A few penny in the slot places and garish cheap stores really.  Oh, and plenty of betting shops.  It probably looks a bit cheerier in the summer-time but really miserable in the foggy rain!

We decided to turn around then and drive back .  There are signs to something called Sunk Island and the name was intruiging.  If it was sunk how would we see it?

We took the turning, went through a village and followed the signs.


The road was dead straight, huge agricultural fields either side and featuring about a mile long avenue of trees.


At the end of the avenue was an old brick church and graveyard.


We turned around at this stage but, afterwards, when I had had a chance to find out more about this area, I wished that we had carried on. It was developed from a sandbar in the 17th century and declared Crown Property.  Apparently Queen Victoria and Prince Albert took a lot of interest in it and arranged for houses to be built for farm workers, designed by the royal architect!

If you’re interested, this is an excellent website which explains a lot…


I would definitely want to return!