Our last full day of this year’s holiday and Alfie is zonked out!


His last beach has been explored – until the next year anyway.  He’ll have to make do with the park again.

We did our best things today after a visit to the farm shop for more apple juice and the usual bits and pieces.  Probably expensive but nice.  Then off to the south beach at Heacham.  As we parked some ponies came down the lane, harnessed to traps.

We wanted to see if we could find the boat that our friend Sue used to stay on as a little girl, when her family owned it. The Wild Duck – see the featured header image. Certainly the smartest boat there.

After the beach we drove to our old favourite – Brancaster Staithe – for the usual pot of cockles – the last of the day apparently, so we were lucky.

No visit to Brancaster would be complete without a glimpse of the Egret…


… along with the Grey Plover and the Curlew…



… and of course the various boats still there at anchor.


The weak sun today provided us with nice reflections.

We noticed that the old mussels cleaner was out and before we left a bunch of people came over and started it up.  If you click on the second pic you’ll see the mussels on the fork.



These are different people that we usually see and they seemed a little amateurish and some of them inappropriately dressed for the job!

Our last day was topped off with an Italian ice cream (chocolate, blackberry and lime) in Hunstanton!