Today began with a low mist hanging over the hills.  The two ponies that we photographed two years ago when they grazed near the old jetty now seem to live on the hills outside Castlebay.


A misty scene as we approach Castlebay:


… but it’s patchy.


The road down to the causeway over to Vatersay is steep and something I wouldn’t want to bicycle down.


An old BMC tractor especially for Sean!


… and a herd of peaceful cows and calves.


We spent an hour or so on the grass overlooking the seaweed-strewn pebbly cove where we used to watch the Oystercatchers etc.  We have seen Shelduck babies before on previous years and today there were several Shelducks, presumably some of the offspring.  In addition there were the usual noisy Oystercatchers and Ringed Plovers plus some Geese and a male Wheatear as well.

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shag An awkward looking black bird flew towards us – it was a Shag, the yellow markings under the eyes showing that it wasn’t a Cormorant as we first thought.

Then the young Northern Diver we saw the other day swam close by and I was able to take a good close-up of him/her.


To top it all, a bulky figure appeared above the water and it wasn’t until I took some photos that we realised it was a grey seal.  Magnificent!


We tore ourselves away eventually because we were due to have a fish supper at the Airport café.  On a Friday (and now also a Saturday) they open in the early evening for locally caught fish and chips or, alternatively, scampi and chips.  It was packed and we could tell it might be some time before before our scampi would arrive.  While we waited we chatted to Mary and Seamus from the campsite.  It was worth waiting for and served with the usual cheerful repartee.


Even though the weather had been less than bright, the gorse on the hills brightened the scene as usual (featured photo)

The forecast isn’t brilliant for the next couple of days but tomorrow we will be watching the royal wedding on our new television so not too worried!