Before I was awake Peter took Alfie down onto the beach as usual and, as usual managed to find some birds to photograph.


I particularly like this one of a Linnet and this of a male Stonechat perched on a wispy stalk of grass.



A couple of noisy Oystercatchers flew past in tandem.


These flowers, I am now pretty sure, are Cuckooflowers – so delicate.


We turned on our new television and were still unable to find any BBC channels so watched the wedding on ITV instead.  Overall it was pretty good.  The picture was very good and we soon found ourselves glued to the set.  Beautiful weather, an unusual, but really entertaining service made the day go with a swing.  A good day for the Royal family I think. Peter started taking photos of the screen with his iPad and wanted me to make the wedding our featured photo above!

I have done a bit of painting lately so I’ll put these two on to pad out a fairly inactive day!


By mistake I bought a black watercolour pad instead of white so I had a go at what turned out to be quite a striking painting of an Oystercatcher on some green rocks .