Yesterday was generally a grim day weather-wise.  Rain, rain and more rain and windy!  We stayed in, Peter did a jigsaw and I painted.  So, don’t look for the blog for 20th May – it doesn’t exist!

We awoke today to a blue sky and definitely more promise.


Peter opened the lovely presents from our family and then tried to stick his cards on the wall above his bed.  For the next half hour there was the sound of dropping cards as, one by one they fell off the wall…


As the day got even better we set forth, first of all to the café but not to put a blog up for a change.  We just caught up on emails etc.  And, of course there was the cake!

From there we drove round to Castlebay to book dinner for the 24th – my birthday and a joint celebration.  But before that we had to run the gauntlet of several individual lambs and mums – it was obviously a national jay-walking day on Barra!


These sheep kept as far away from the road as possible!


Below you can see how far from the road they are – the long peninsular in the distance!


Going down to Castlebay (see featured photo) the sky was amazing:


We booked our joint birthday dinner at Cafe Kisimul – the tiny Italian/Indian restaurant for Thursday evening and drove back to the campsite along the Atlantic side of the island.  The sea was blue and the waves were rolling in.




The landscape was completely changed when we reached the coast near the campsite..


Later on we took Alfie down on to the beach.  He just does his own thing – running around and investigating the seaweed.

Peter spotted a flock of Dunlins skimming the shoreline.  Other than that, there was several Ringed Plovers – love this photo of one whose head was twizzled round so much as to make him look like a contortionist!  Other than that there was an odd Turnstone, and our first Pied Wagtail of the holiday.  Comments on a postcard!