The weather has changed back to blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  For now anyway.  It’s the cows turn today but at least they formed a guard of honour instead at the side of the road instead of lying down in it.


We started off at the Airport to put the blog on for Peter’s birthday and found a row of highly polished MGs parked neatly together (featured picture).  Obviously a rally of some kind and they looked great in the sunshine.

One of the airport staff called for a minute’s silence for the Manchester bomb victims whilst we were inside eating our cake.  It was particularly relevant as one of those killed had been a teenager from Barra.

Having fulfilled our uploading and checking of emails we decided to drive back to the Old Jetty and spend the rest of the day on the beach.  I took my painting stuff and Peter carried both of our chairs and we found a perfect spot near the rocks.

Peter took Alfie off for a run along the sand while I settled down for some painting.  Alfie went quite a way along the beach with Peter and then turned round and ran back to me!

I didn’t know Peter was taking this or I would have smiled!


Alfie then decided to explore the rocks behind us.



Birds were in short supply today but Peter managed to take good pics of a Gull (not sure what sort!) and a Black Backed Gull.



Across the water he spotted a couple paddle-boarding (?).


I was reasonably pleased with the two watercolours but am still struggling to get it right…



As it started to get chillier we packed up and walked back up to Madge.  Alfie had been so good and hadn’t wanted to wander off while he was off the lead.

The sea was still brilliantly blue as we drove back to the site and is as I write this – 8.20pm and the forecast seems to be similar for tomorrow as well.