Today is much like yesterday, weather-wise, but without the wind!  Peter took Alfie down for his early morning walk on the beach and was rewarded with a flock of Sanderlings along the water’s edge (featured)

Alfie made a pretty picture amongst the Thrift on the rocks…


Down at the airport there was a dinky little private plane by the fence.  A young man and girl came along and, after testing various bits and pieces, got in.  The girl took the controls and it wasn’t long before they were off, taxi-ing over the sand before taking gracefully to the air and heading in the direction of the mainland. They looked in their 20s/30s – how romantic to fly to Barra in your own plane!  I was envious!

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We had the usual cake and coffee in the café and then drove back to the Old Jetty where we managed to park in a good place and then took Alfie down to the wonderful white sand beach.




Where else can you see water this clear off a British beach?


I managed to do a bit of painting…



and we got talking to a chatty couple from Yorkshire who were, like us, fans of this part of the world.  They were serious motorhomers and he was as brown as a berry.

Back at the campsite where, eventually, the sun started to set amidst a rosy glow…sunset