The weather is still so wonderful and we are finding that, as a consequence, we’re not doing a lot, apart from lolling around or going to do necessary shopping in the Co-op!  So what I am doing is a joint blog for the 27th and 28th.

I have done some more painting – at the old jetty while Peter and Alfie wandered up the beach.  However, I am sorry to say I wasn’t really happy with what I did.  But… the featured image is the painting I did yesterday and I am much happier with that one.  Not perfect but probably a better subject.

This little fishing boat was tied up at the old jetty and we had seen it the day before.


The bird of the trip this time has been the Stonechat and they pose so beautifully on the posts which are all over the island.


Down at Castlebay the new marina was doing great business:


…and the castle itself was striking in the light.


At the airport there was the biggest crowd yet – there were two planes in.



and out on the runway, the tractor with trailer was doing cockling work…


On the way to the jetty this dog was either deaf or blind – or both.


There are hundreds of these which have sprung up in the past week – I don’t think they’re ordinary buttercups, Dorothy?



Crab boat


Service Boat repairing buoys


Was this the one you meant Sean?

This is my favourie location and I cannot resist taking its photo.  This is the first time I have attempted a tiny watercolour of it though.

Apologies for a rather scatter-gun approach to my blog on this occasion.  I must keep up!