Peter’s collection for today – 3 different varieties! Sanderlings, Dunlins and one Turnstone for a change!


It’s a wonder he got such pictures as the weather has taken a sudden turn – a low sea mist.

Arriving at the airport there was a plane on the sand and we heard overhead the roar of an engine but no plane!  The pilot had decided that it wasn’t safe and had flown off.  Indeed, the windsock was being pulled down.


There would be no take-offs or arrivals today by the looks of it.

Inside the café I decided to treat myself to a slice of this amazing cake – summer fruits.  It was huge!  Peter chose the banana cake.  It’s always a joy to come into the café – Mick and his wife, Sharon run it with great cheerfulness and fun – likewise Marie and all the young staff.  Yes, we do make use of the wi-fi but we would come in anyway for the warm welcome we always get.


We drove down to Castlebay to visit the Co-op and were amazed that the mist at the north of the island was completely absent in the south.  On the way back we stopped at Earsary – not much around but I loved this Oystercatcher having a right go at her other half!


I am asking again for a suitable speech bubble – you all did very well last time so another chance to tax your imagination!

My effort: I told you not to bring me pink flowers!

Peter also managed to capture this Tern gliding effortlessly through the air.


Gradually, the mist appeared again and the airport was still locked in a white silence.

Back at the campsite and I painted a couple of small watercolours of two of my favourite views…


Just before 10pm a fellow camper waved to us, beckoning.  We knew straight away what it would be – a sighting of the Corncrake!

There was soon a small huddle of us trying to spot the bird in the grass field opposite.  He had a scope and the Corncrake was really clear in that.  The mist was still hanging about and he/she was about 100ft away as well.  Peter managed to locate it and these are probably the best photos…


I love the one showing him shouting his crake!