The mist seems to have lifted considerably from yesterday and Peter’s daily early morning walk brought forth the usual suspects plus a male Wheatear, which have been a bit rarer than last time.



plus a female Stonechat:


Down at the airport, despite the fact that the air was clearer, there seemed to be no planes today.  Instead, a few people were on the airfield (sand) with their kites(?).  I have added a question mark because I’m not sure if they’re called kites when they’re that big! (See featured image).

In the airport café, while I was putting on the day before’s blog, a couple from the campsite stopped to remark on the photos I was putting on of the Corncrake from the night before.  I think we were the only ones with a long enough lens!

Couldn’t resist these two photos which I am pretty sure I have shown before:



The wind was pretty strong but still not cold.


Each day we have passed this trailer and it always has a random selection of sheep and lambs under it for shade.  It shows how warm it has been.


Down near Castlebay we spotted the two blonde bombshell ponies who used to live near the jetty.  We are guessing this because we have since come across a few more…


Peter wanted me to take this photo of an old-style telephone box with door neatly stacked behind it.  This is typical of all the all the old boxes on the island.  We really don’t think it’s hooliganism but the fact that they get blown off in the winter gales and they probably got fed up with putting them back on!  Like a lot of redundant cars it probably isn’t economical to ship the doors to the mainland.


After visiting the excellent Barraigh Buth, selling island produce and hand knitted items, we headed back up the coast, passing the airport, where the kite flyers were still at it.


Back at the campsite, the hills of Eriskay over the sound appeared to be topped with snow, but it was only the low cloud.  An amazing sight.


Just two days left…