Last day here and, after writing yesterday’s blog, paid our usual visit to the airport café.  They had remembered this was our final visit and refused to take payment for our drinks and cake.  We got hugs from Marie and we had to promise to come back!  It was really heartwarming – they are such a lovely bunch.  Mick and Sharon weren’t on duty so we asked for our farewells to be passed on.  They are part of the success of this holiday – that and Mary, Angus and Seamus at the campsite and the lovely island of Barra of course.

Not too many photos today as it was a bit cloudy and misty at first.

A  small watercolour of the Eiders flying past at Earsary – still learning to leave the white spaces!


An Oystercatcher from Peter and Alfie’s early morning visit to the beach:

oystercatcher copy

Love his bright red eye!

Down at Earsary I took a photo of a couple of Greylag families out for a swimming lesson and then there was a strange co-oncidence.  A chap pulled up in front and noticed me with the big lens pointing out to sea.  He asked whether I was taking an otter as one had been seen in these waters.  No, I said, just the Greylags.  He drove off and almost at that very moment Peter saw movement in the water near where the Greylags were seen (a good 100 yards away).  You’ve guessed it!  It was an otter and we managed to get a few reasonable shots.  These are the best.



Nearby, a couple of sheep were watching us curiously…


No sheep shearers on this island!


The last photos of the day were of this saucy Pipit who positively modelled for Peter while he stood close by taking photos.  It’s not often a Starling gets a look-in in this blog, but this one looked handsome in the late afternoon sun.




We said our goodbyes to Mary and Seamus and promised to come back again.  Angus was due home soon with his new fishing boat and I suspect she will be pleased to see him as she has been incredibly busy with all the new campers in the last couple of weeks.

Tomorrow it’s an early 20 min drive down to where the ferry over to Eriskay leaves.  It will be very sad to leave this friendly and beautiful island.

Here’s the jigsaw mentioned earlier – still can’t find the missing piece!