We left Eoligarry bright and early and drove the short distance to the tiny ferry port where we didn’t have long to wait for the boat.



Alfie and I stayed in Madge whilst Peter couldn’t resist the chance to go on deck and photograph any available birds on the short voyage over to Eriskay.  He did very well.

Bridled Common Guillemot

Bridled Common Guillemot








Our old friend, the Grey Seal

There didn’t seem to be many people about on Eriskay and the Prince’s Beach looked empty.


We went straight over the causeway to South Uist…


The café at the campsite hove into view…


and we soon found our reserved pitch – as usual DJ had labelled it for us and it was in a good position at the front, overlooking the small beach.

We decided to drive to Lochboisdale to visit the post office/internet café so we could use their wi-fi for the blog.

All over the island there were large areas of this lovely flower in various shades of white, mauve and pink.  I can’t remember what they are though…


Apart from the familiar bright pink roof much had changed – to its disadvantage.


We plonked the laptop on a table (there was only one couple in there) and it seemed quite different.  The two ladies behind the counter seemed more interested in washing up than serving customers and we were disappointed to be told the wifi was ‘off’.  Making conversation, I asked one of the ladies if they were changing the layout – she virtually ignored me and muttered that she ‘didn’t know’ under her breath.  How odd.  The whole busy atmosphere had disappeared, along with the friendly service.  Very disappointing.  We left after our two bacon rolls and drove back down towards the campsite and detoured round to the Pollachar Inn.

Devoted readers of our blog may remember we saw our first otter on the rocks outside the Pollachar.  No otters this time but Alfie loved the beach and the rocks here.




I hadn’t seen this plant before.  We looked it up and it appears to quite rare and is called Sea Sandwort.


Back at the campsite we went into the café to see if their wifi was working.  It was but very slowly.  We returned later in the evening and sat outside on the balcony where we were able to access it.  Blog on at last!