The sun was shining and, after a long session in the campsite café to upload the two blog posts from the days before, we set off to explore of the byeways of South Uist.  We tried several that didn’t really lead anywhere, including one that ended up in a vast cemetery atop a hill close to the sea…


On the way Peter spotted a bird on a power line.  It was a Buzzard and I managed to get a good photo as it flew down to the ground.


The breeze was stiff although the sun was bright and I was immediately drawn to this line of washing (they don’t go in for whirligigs on the islands).


This tractor makes a great photo too.


As does this baby rabbit…


All my old favourites are getting a spot today – lovely colours of the rusting roof, the green of the grass, blue of the sky and the lilac of the wild flowers.


And now for sheep.  Form a line please…


The waterlilies on South Uist are always a great sight:


Not a great photo but had to add this photo of the Askernish Golf Club and indoor driving range for Guy!


And a remote football pitch for Harry!


Not finding a better access to the beach, we decided to revisit the one from yesterday and Alfie had a whale of a time once more.

There was a bunch of Eiders doing the hokey-cokey and the usual Sanderlings, Dunlins and Ringed Plovers on the large stones near the water’s edge…




On the grassy bank a couple of Oyster Catchers look like candidates for yet another caption competition.  There’s something about them that just invites one!  Is that Steve again Harry?


Talking Oyster Catchers, how about this for a bit of camouflage for this youngster?


In a faraway loch I got these rough shots of some Wigeon, a Heron, and a Garganey.  I love the featured image of a Swan and her six cygnets out for a swimming lesson.




As we drove back to Kilbride the sun was low in the sky, throwing magical shadows over the hills…


Our final photo is one Peter took of the scene just in front of Madge as the sun started to go down just before 10pm!


We’ve given the blog extra photos for this day as tomorrow we will be doing the more boring bit of driving up South Uist, through Benbecula to North Uist.  So please forgive a day off the blog.  Will return for the 10th!