Disappointingly a gloomy day today, weather-wise but I have done my best with the featured image of the pink-strewn salt marsh.  We have been so spoilt with all the wonderful weather we have had up to now that we felt a bit short-changed.  However, we drove out, determined to find something to photograph.

The first thing of interest we saw was a short-eared owl but it wasn’t until later that we realised he was carrying his lunch…



Remind you of anyone?

More cute animals…



The sheep in this field were almost hidden by the white cottongrass which grows everywhere.


We drove down to Berneray where the ferry leaves for Harris.  I love the beautiful warm colours in the stone that edges the causeway.


The sky was dark slatey blue at the top and it made for a beautiful mix of colours…


… especially when the ferry appeared.


This bull seemed to be flirting with the black and white cow – she didn’t look that interested…


Driving up the Committee Road to see if we could spot the odd bird of prey (unsuccesful) Peter thought this photo of peat diggings might be interesting and then one of the peat brick stacking.


Another old tractor slightly past its best…


Unfortunately, our favourite cafe at Cladach Kirkibost was shut (being Sunday) so we drove back to the campsite and bought some lunch at the little mobile cafe.

We were hoping that the weather would cheer up a bit so we could take a walk with Alfie along the seawall but it didn’t unfortunately so we spent a cosy afternoon in!  Tomorrow is the ferry for Skye.