After the wonderful weather we have been experiencing for virtually the whole holiday, today has dawned with a distinct palour.  No sun.  We have been spoilt!  Having only one more day on Skye, we have decided to re-trace our steps on the road to Elgol in the shadow of the Cuillins.

Everywhere the narrow road was lined with mountains of cow parsley – so pretty.


And there was the Blue Shed Cafe to look forward to (see 8 Jun 2016 for a previous visit).  Oh no!


Today is Tuesday!

Deprived of our coffee and cake, we drove on and around Loch Slapin…




The heron at the top was on Lake Slapin.

The dull weather couldn’t ruin the beauty of the landscape here.


We decided to park Madge and walk down the lane to the old cemetery.  I noticed this tree which tells a story of its own…


We noticed with amusement that, two years on, the hire van was still in its drive – just more battered!


The lane down to the cemetery was full of wild

but these growing in a garden were especially impressive…


More wildflowers at the beach which Alfie enjoyed running on (spot the dog!). Dorothy – can you help with some of them?


On the way back a few cows took some interest…


This gate shows the dampness that persists in this area.


Back on the road, the the scenery continued to impress…


… and animals continued to amuse.


Why should I move?


Same here!

I love the reeds and the waterlilies at this time of year…


We will be on our way home tomorrow and are catching the Armadale – Mallaig ferry so have decided that this post will be our last.  Thank you for following the blog and for all your comments.  They are so much appreciated when we are far away from home and they add to our holiday experience.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the photos.


Until next time then…

Valerie & Peter